Winter Classic


Incorporating the Wayne Cretney Memorial

The Hard, the Tough and the Dirty

The Winter Classic is an endurance event that is both physically and mentally demanding. The event is a BLODSLITET event; it is like a relay except you do all the legs yourself!  There are nine trophies for various grades, including the handsome ‘Wayne Cretney Memorial’ cup.

To compete on any course and survive a Winter Classic is a real accomplishment!

The event has been run by the Wairarapa Orienteering club since 1987.

The image above is on many of the trophies and symbolises the heart of Orienteering (it can't get any harder!); the triangle of the orange and white flags to find; and the small 'tear' from the heart symbolises the blood, sweat and tears which competitors will shed during the event.

The Winter Classic incorporates the Wayne Cretney memorial for M40's.

Here is an article about Wayne called 'An Ode to an Orienteer' written in 1988 just after he died tragically crushed by a fork lift.

Quotes from Winter Classic survivors:
'I had just won the long course (in 3hrs 13) on the weekend and the course typified Wayne's type of courses - I pulverised my lip by running into a stump and at the end could barely run as I was cramping up. There were 3 finishers among 10 starters on my course.' (Bryan Teahan)

When told his finish time was '59 dead', Graham Fortune replied 'Yeah, that's how I feel.'