Ralph King map 1
1973 Maramarua East - First NZ Colour Map
Ralph King map 2
1975 Woodhill Sustagen
Ralph King map 3
1976 Woodhill 1:20000
Ralph King map 4
1976 Woodhill 1:15000
Ralph King map 5
1977 Woodhill
Ralph King map 6
1978 Waitarere NZ Champs
Ralph King map 7
1979 Old Telephone Rd
Ralph King map 8
1979 Puketapu Rd
Ralph King map 9
1980 Blue Gums
Ralph King map 10
1980 Claypit Rd
Ralph King map 11
1980 Crossroads
Ralph King map 12
1980 Ye Olde Woodhille
Ralph King map 13
1980 Puketapu Rd
Ralph King map 14
1980 The Sixteen Mile
Ralph King map 15
1985 Mangawhai South
Ralph King map 16
1985 Mission Coast Road

The Master Map Maker: Ralph King (RIP)

When I first came to live in Auckland, I quickly met up with a fellow NorthWest club member who I regarded as the legend of our sport. To me, he was the master mapper and I was the apprentice. He immediately gave me some of his last remaining copies of his maps - I regard them as precious gems which I will always treasure dearly. I used parts of them as base maps for the World Cup 1994.

I always found it a pleasure to talk maps and mapping with him and he always had time to talk with me and my wife. I regarded him as a dear friend.

Shown above are some of his maps - enjoy - you can see the master craftsman at work and the prodiguous efforts he made for our sport - the backbone of our early years.

Some of his early articles for the NZ Herald can be viewed here.

Bryan Teahan