The Early Years

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Source: New Zealand Herald


10 Apr: Pirie Best Orienteer
26 Sep: Another Win to Pirie Forest Run
27 Sep: N. Z. Orienteers Chosen (with photo)
9 Oct: Swift Run By Pirie In Forest
11 Nov: Orienteers Must Be Cautious
13 Nov: Australians Have Success


26 Mar: Exciting Tussle in Forest
19 Apr: Ralston Second Starter in Orienteering
23 Apr: Additional Race for Orienteers
7 May: Girl Runner Hastened by Shooters
21 May: Pirie Runs World Class Time
18 Jun: Pirie Wins Easily In Forest
12 Nov: Battley Best Orienteer
26 Nov: Fine Victory for Pirie


29 Apr: Pirie has Easy Bush Win
13 May: Mrs Davies and Pirie Have Wins
23 May: Tough Test in Forest
27 May: Upset for Elite Orienteers
10 Jun: Pirie Fast in Forest
24 Jun: Orienteering Surprise In Waikato
4 Nov: Schoolgirl Orienteer Wins Trial
25 Nov: N.Z. Victory In Open Forest Run
2 Dec: N.Z. Orienteers Break Australian Run With Handsome Victory
16 Dec: Battley Is Top Orienteer

1975-1978 (Major events only)

27 Oct 1975: Pipped Pirie by Slim Margin
25 Oct 1976: Battley Wins Back Title
24 Oct 1977: 'Family Affair' Victories in Forest
5 Jun 1978: Shuker is Leading Orienteers - First 3 day
6 Jun 1978: Recovery Made in Bush Run - First 3 day
23 Oct 1978: Swaddling Upsets in Forest Run