Battley is Top Orienteer

C. W. Battley (Pupuke), profiting by the abscence of the reigning champion, D. A. G. Pirir, capped a personally satisfying season with a splendid victory in the Dominion Breweries New Zealand elite orienteering championships in the Whitford Tree Farm yesterday.

Battley followed closely upon his Australasian title win of two weeks ago by defeating the runner-up on that occasion, B. Walker (Bay of Plenty) again by 9m over a rugged densely undergrown course of seven kilometres.

Torrid heat and high humidity upset many of the 101 starters and there were some major upsets in all grades.

The national marathon champion, J. Robinson (Pinelands) enjoyed his best run of the year to finish fourth behind F. Smith (Pinelands).

Mrs Robyn Davies (Putaruru) lost her women's elite title when she surprisingly finished last. But she has had a most sucessful season winning all but her last two events.

The title was won by the Australian representative to this year's world championships and current Victorian open champion, Andrea Harris (Melbourne), in 1 hr 47m.

The New Zealand women's reserve, Mrs Trish Burbridge (Bay of Plenty) was second in 2h 14m, beating the Commonwealth Games representative Mrs Val Robinson (Pinelands) back to third.

Miss Jane Wood (Bay of Plenty), again in devastating form, added the New Zealand under-17 title to her under-19 Australasian title to become one of the finest and most promising young orienteers in the South Pacific zone.

Elite 1 Colin Battley Pupuke 84.00
2 B Walker Bay of Plenty 93.00
3 Frank Smith Pinelands 94.00
4 John Robinson Pinelands 117.00
5 Geoff Lawford Australia 122.00
6 D Townsend Pupuke 153.00
M21B 1 Terry Nuthall Central 163.00
2 Neil Lewis South Auckland 176.00
3 Jim Sneddon South Auckland 194.00
M21C 1 J Crane Pinelands 109.00
2 Max Kerrison Pinelands 119.00
3 A Tromp Central 134.00
M35 1 R Doherty South Auckland 116.00
2 P Brown South Auckland 123.00
3 Tony Nicholls Bay of Plenty 133.00
M43 1 Bob Murphy Central 130.00
2 Ralph King Pupuke 136.00
3 M Scott Pinelands 166.00
M50 1 S Moen South Auckland 142.00
M19 1 N Scott Pinelands 84.00
2 M Scott Pinelands 119.00
3 B Burwell Pinelands 142.00
M13 1 P Denyer Central 97.00
2 R Johnson Central 155.00
3 G Burwell Pinelands 168.00
W19A 1 A Harris Australia 107.00
2 P Burbidge Bay of Plenty 134.00
3 Val Robinson Pinelands 140.00
W19C 1 M Dysart Bay of Plenty 199.00
W17 1 D Smith South Auckland 111.00
2 A Laurent South Auckland 135.00
3 J Mathis Pinelands 136.00
W35 1 Bev Laurent South Auckland 145.00
2 B Garnett Pinelands 188.00
W15 1 J Wood Bay of Plenty 117.00
2 P Doherty South Auckland 121.00
3 J Burwell Pinelands 199.00
M15 1 K Litten Pinelands 109.00
2 P Garnett Pinelands 124.00
3 R Treloar Pinelands 168.00